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Difference between Ming and Qing .

To differentiate between Ming and Qing it is better to look at the technical differences rather than the designs,which are virtually identical.Ming porcelain is much more heavily glazed and sometimes runs of the excessive glaze can be seen.Qing wares are covered in an even glaze, and is much more whiter than Ming, this is due to the fact that the Kang Hsi potters only coated the wares with a thin and even wash.The next point of difference is very important, and that is the footrims on the Ming wares were Knife Pared by hand and the potters made no effort to remove the facets left by the knife blade. Now nearly all Qing wares are smoothed after the trimming process, and not left rough as in the Ming wares.The feet on Ming dishes are higher than Qing examples.They were often undercut immediately, showing that they have been thrown by hand and not as in the Qing items- moulded by a mechanical process using a profile cutter.The final point concerning the footrims on Ming wares, which nearly always shows a narrow orange zone butting the edge of the glaze.This is because of the presence of iron in the body of the porcelain which oxidised more strongly in the kiln, the area most closely in contact with the glaze.

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Oriental items...
Code A

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Click HERE for bigger picture Very large and rare Japanese Imari Pig in superb condition.So well potted, it looks real! There is a backstamp showing a 6 character mark in ironstone red.Some Kiln firing marks are on the front legs, but there is no actual damage at all. £450
Code B

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Click HERE for bigger pictureThis is a very nice Chinese cup and saucer in very fine porcelain.Early 20th century.Showing the flying dragons in blue and green,with an iron red border. £25

Code C

Click HERE for bigger pictureFine Chinese Export Tobacco leaf edged plate with "thin" edge.The pattern is the Fishing boy,there is some minor fritting to the sharp edge,but this is to be expected. c1800 £75

Code D

Click HERE for bigger pictureIMARI CHARGER. Very nice substantial charger in beautiful condition.The size is 13inches across.Dark blue concentric circles on the back with other symbols.This wall plate undoubtedly makes a statement as it is very striking with rich colours.. £110

Code E
Oriental porcelain teapot.Thickly potted but still porcelain,nice condition, very pretty pastel shades and all in Very good condition. 55
Code F

Click HERE for bigger pictureSmall desirable Victorian Imari bowl measures only 5inches across the top.Would look nice displayed with other Imari items.V.Good condition £55
Code G
Click HERE for bigger pictureBeautiful pair of hand painted Oriental vases.As you can see the ground colour is blush ivory,and the scenery Japanese.The condition is very good,and these vases are a proper matching pair.They measure 10inches tall and would look elegant in any room.There is a 20th century red label underneath,and we would date these at 1920-30. For sale at £95 pair.Post will be extra.
Code H

Click HERE for bigger pictureReally attractive small cloisonne bottle with it's own little stopper.Think this may have been used for snuff or perfume.It has the red character mark below.No damage,just lovely.£39
Code J

Tall vase,12 inches high. 2 small chips to outer rim.2 blemishes on the side about the size of the old sixpence. There are birds on the inner rim.I think this may be Arita.Price.69.
Code M

Click HERE for bigger pictureSuper Chinese teapot dating from the early 1900's/It shows the green and the blue flying dragons,with intricate borders and iron red edging.The lid is perfect as is the teapot. £45

Code N
Click HERE for bigger pictureThis is a sugar bowl and cover in perfect conditon,made in China early 1900's £25
Code O
Very large Japanese eggshell teaset in a pretty pattern. 150. complete.
Code P
Click HERE for bigger pictureJapanese Satsuma coffee dating from around 1920.This is a large pot - 9 - 10 inches tall,and is in wonderful condition for the year.It has a red seal mark. The lid is perfect too and sits deeply into the main pot body. £69
Code Q

Click HERE for bigger pictureSuper milk jug,made in China early 1900's.This is a nice sized milk jug with green dragons and blue dragons,different colours on each side.Lovely condition. 30pounds

Code R

Click HERE for larger PictureChinese Snuff/perfume bottle inlaid with genuine turquoise and coral rock stones.Very elaborate item,and quite heavy.Extremely unusual £47.
Code S
Click HERE for larger PictureThis is a Chinese snuff bottle that is made from red coral rock from the China sea.The intricate carving shows monkeys and buddhas.Very unusual £48
Code T

Click HERE for larger PictureHere is a very nice red silk box that contains 4 snuff bottles,as in picture 2.The painting is done on the inside,and shows ladies in a garden setting.Each bottle has a little stopper,and there is no damage.Would make a nice gift idea? £65 the set and box.


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Code U
Pottery urn with lid in excellent condition with NO damage at all. Dated around 1880. 58. Pottery urn with lid in excellent condition with NO damage at all. Dated around 1880. 58.
Code V
Japanese tin Tea Caddy showing colourful scenes of Japan, also a Japanese Vanity case/purse in strong material showing ladies in Kimonos,mirror inside.Excellent condition, £23 for both items.
Code W

Set of 6 wise sages. These are a very nice group of these collectable little figures.There are some minor faults, but all in all they are really in quite good condition. Complete set £20

Code X

A pair of very good quality oriental blue and white cups and saucers in the finest porcelains.Showing geisha girls taking tea. c1920 £ 24 each
Code Y
Small Japanese Satsuma bottle vase in a pretty orang red colour. c1890/Meiji period £27
Code Z

Excellent Satsuma vase of a nice size, all hand panited and gilded to a very good standard.The colours of the vase are very pleasing to the eye, showing Stylised Jpanese , gardens and vistas.There is a square seall mark underneath.11 inches tall approximately. Meiji period £69

Code ZA
Click HERE for Larger PictureCeladon plate in beautiful condition. c1850 nearly 8inches across with a apettern of moths, flowers and ribbon streamers. Very good underglaze square seal mark. Authentic and correct.c1850 £65
Code ZB

Good sized wall charger in the Imari patterns,radiating from the central motif.The plate is Porcelain and the reverse has 2 double blue rings.It is a heavy plate and fairly thickly potted,it is slightly warped, but will hang correctly.£59

Code ZC

Pair of very old Cloisonne miniature vases c1800, 3 - 4 inches tall.This is the Porcelain on wires cloisonne which is the best.They are not perfect and display some faults but they would still look nice displayed with other Oriental items and the faults are not that noticeable.£35 pair

Code ZD
Fine Japanese fluted bowl on 3 legs circa1910, very translucent. 45.
Code ZE

Items of Oriental Soapstone in very good condition.
A./ This is the largest item at 9 inches in width.It has Chinese lettering carved onto the bowl and the whole item is hand carved.Victorian c1850. £45. ..Rich Autumnal shades.
B./The second Soapstone carving is about 7inches in width,again in very good condition and has carved Chinese lettering on the bowl,£35...Grey in colour.
C./The 3rd Soapstone item is the smallest at 5inches in width, it shows a bird and not Monkeys as the other 2 do.£23..Red soapstone colours.
Code ZF
Oriental plate dating from around 1930.Bright enamels in Red,Blues and gold.Excellent condition... £23
Code ZG
Click HERE for bigger pictureVery old Porcelain Turtle or Tortoise. This came from a private sale in Scotland many years ago, when a large collection of Oriental items were in a dispersal sale.Fresh to the market.Also an antique pottery Tortoise, both are in excellent condition.£70 pair.
Code ZH
Large Covered Urn, Beautiful condition showing panels of Japanese Ladies in Garden Scene, 65
Code ZI
Japanese fine porcelain plate, showing pretty geisha girls and scenery.Gilded edge. Nice condition £16
Code ZJ
Very neat Japanese preserve pot with lid and cane handle.It is all hand painted and gilded in a tasteful manner.Perfect condition, and made around 1930. £28
Code ZK
Click HERE for bigger pictureHand painted egg displayed on a pink silk base in a glass case.The item is neat in size and in excellent condition.£25
Code ZL
Gorgeous oriental Satsuma vase, showing Shoguns and lotus blossom amid garden scenes.The restrained pallete is shown to great effect in this vase and it dates around 1890.Japanese in make. This is a quality Satsuma item, there is a slight fault to the lip, but this does not deter at all.We just like to mention all faults to give you all a better picture of the various items. £89
Code ZM
Click HERE for bigger pictureOriental export teaset/Gorgeous colours.dated 1920..There is a teapot, covered sugar bowl,milk jug and 2 cups in eggshell and 4 saucers,the 2 saucers could double up as plates.This is a very well painted setshowing flying dragons in various forms.Good set for your money,and great for displaying.£89
Code ZN
Click HERE for bigger pictureGorgeous Oriental export teapot in stoneware and enamels...Usual cane handle and the prettiest shaped spout,all in perfect condition.c1890/Meiji period.Perhaps a little earlier. Very nice and remember >NO reserves with Glamorgan antiques! £79
Code ZO
Set of Japanese Satsuma cups and saucers in the famousChocolate brown,orange enamels and gilt. £12 per cup and saucer.Eggshell porcelain.
Code ZP
Satsuma coffee pot and sugar bowl.Japanese porcelain c1930.Very good condition £35
Code ZQ
Pretty Japanese oriental vase.Satsuma pattern in enamels and gilt. £24
Code ZR
Click HERE for bigger pictureMeiji period Kutani bowl in a restrained pallette of orange,apricot,gold and bluey grays. Qyuite a large bowl and deep, and in excellent condition. £68
Code ZS
Click HERE for bigger pictureA set of 10 Chinese coins from 1644 - 1911. £50
Code ZT
Click HERE for bigger picturePair of deep blue background Satsuma vases in terrific condition for year.These vases have been kept in a glass cabinet..Fine enamelling and beading. c1920 - 30. £69 the pair
Code ZU
Click HERE for bigger pictureNice pair of japanese Bottle vases in superb condition. The colours are rust reds and pastel shades.They carry a red 3 character mark. Very nice and Victorian, c 1850 >£55 the pair
Code ZV
Click HERE for bigger pictureSmall oriental teapot in beautiful condition.There is an original tea filter inside which is in remarkably good condition.Nice little teapot for any collection. £45
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