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For further details of any items listed on this web site

you can contact us on the following...

E-Mail E-Mail us... Glamorgan Antiques 24hrs a day, 365 days a year

E-Mails are checked hourly

If you receive no reply to your email from us,it may have been blocked by your over zealous ISP, as so many "good" registered online UK businesses are being targeted as spam now, so please email to or telephone your order to 01443 422310 (UK STD Code).There is always an answering machine on.

We are sorry about this but it seems it is difficult for the spam filters to differentiate the good guys mail from the bad mail,and a lot of legitimate mail is being dumped.

Thankyou for your patience. so please try or you can telephone us in UK 01443 422310 evenings are fine. Or just re send your e mail to

United Kingdom

Tel: 01443 422310

Outside United Kingdom

Tel: (0044) 1443422310

(Please check with your operator for correct dialing code to UK)

(if no answer by telephone please try again later)

We understand the reluctance you may feel about buying on the Internet. However, you may rest assured that Glamorgan antiques has an excellent record for safe deliveries. We have sold to Countries all over the world, to name a few, USA,Canada,Australia,Japan,Saudi Arabia,Great Britain. Most buyers buy again from us, and are prepared  to show their satisfaction by the testimonials we receive from them, some of which we show here. We have blanked out their personal details, but on request and with the aggreance of the writer of any letter we will gladly supply their full name and E Mail address for you to contact them. Please be assured of the following:-
1. Glamorgan antiques are renowned for our high packing standards.Second best will not do, we take no chances. Look at our Testimonials
2. The Credit card company we use have a very tight security checking process with 128 bit encryption rate.

Introduction about ourselves. Our knowledge of Antiques amounts to 36 years of collecting,studying reference books, and working many years ago for relations who at the time owned and ran a very successful Auction House.The early years in the family business were the basics of our Antiques knowledge, especially so with ceramics. Out of all Antiques, we believe that ceramics are probably the most difficult to study, as there are literally thousands of old potteries and factories worldwide that need to be studied. Everyday that passes brings fresh revelations about Antiques, and the learning process will therefore continue. Our advice is to listen carefully to people who have been involved with Antiques for many years, ask questions and read every antique book that you can lay your hands on, especially the late Victorian books, as it is these old books, perhaps lacking in glossy, colour photos-but crammed full of the best information you could wish to absorb. Re-read them if necessary, and you will find a new world has opened up, and whereas previously you may have had what we call 'surface knowledge', now, with your extra study this will change into a 'deeper knowledge',which in turn will give you far more confidence when examining and buying Antiques. Also, whenever the opportunity arises, handle ceramics,never meind about damage, just look closely, get the feel,ask yourself, 'now is this soft paste or hard paste:' study the chipped areas as damaged china can reveal a lot of clues as to the country of origination. One last tip to the novice,try to buy the best that you can afford,don't be tempted into the so called 'newer Antiques' or the reproductions, as it is these that has spoiled many a good fair and centre, by the more unscrupolous dealers selling the items as old, whereas in fact they are brand new. Ask the dealers to put in writing the description and age of the item, and if they put you off, then the old adage of 'when in doubt don't' most definitely will apply. Also, if you find a good and trustworthy dealer, stick with him or her, and you will find that your loyalty will pay off, with interest.

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