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Military cap badges - SPECIAL List

Please note that most of the badges on the Special list only have now been sold,but the special list will remain for reference purposes.However if you fancy anything please still ask as it may be available.

Please refer to our general lists, Page1, Page 2 and Page 3 for more badges. We always do our best to buy only the finest quality badges, refusing the many inferior cheaper ones. We are always prepared to discount on a quantity of badges, we cannot give discount on single badges. All badges are sent out using Recorded or Special delivery, we only use padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit.

You can e mail us at for sales.Telephone on 01443 422310 anytime, Evenings are fine for calls. If no answer please call later or e mail.

Military cap badges - SPECIAL List

Please note that most of the badges on the Special list only have now been sold,but the special list will remain for reference purposes.However if you fancy anything please still ask as it may be available.

1. Solid Silver (Stamped silver on rear)Volunteer Corps of the "Irish Rugby Football Union".Lovely badge in silver showing the Shamrock in the centre,crown on top.£45

2. THE ROYAL MUNSTER FUSILIERS..RARE Fusilier Furcap Grenade (not the usual smaller OR's glengarry grenade)all old brass with a beautiful glowing patina.See John Gaylor Book.Plate 9 or K&K Fig 957..The rear 2 Lugs,positioned North and South, are very long approximately 1 inch,this was to penetrate the Busby.We have one only on offer.£69.

3. THE ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS.RARE FUSILIER Furcap Grenade,the base of the grenade is deep.(Not the usual smaller flatter OR's Glengarry Grenade)all in old brass with a glowing patina.Very hard to find these days.See John Gaylors book plate "9".or K&K. Fig 960.The rear lugs,North and South, are very long over 1 inch to penetrate the Busby.One only on offer £69.

4,RARE. 36th DIVISION ULSTER Regt.The severed Hand of ULster in the plain oval in Bronze,the makers name stamped in small print on the rear as SHARMANN D.NIELL LTD,BELFAST.This is an original WW1 badge with the rolled over edge. £38. (please note there are copies circulating but these do not have the makers stamp)

5.OFFICERS BEST DRESS IRISH FUSILIER GRENADE in 2 parts in gilt.The central eagle device in silver is seperately fixed into place.Large badge about 4inches high...One only on offer. £69.

6.ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS OR's cap badge from the early part of the 1900's,showing the badge in 2 parts,the small fiery grenade with the harp + Prince of Wales Feathers,and the completely seperate Crown as a coronet.See John Gaylors book Plate 19. £17.

7. Large Helmet Plate in Brass of the Royal Irish Rifles.This one has Queen Victorias crown on top,plus 3 long lugs on the rear for fixing.See exact badge plate 280 in Kipling and King book.1.69.

8.SHARPSHOOTERS.Differing style to normal.London Regt - 2 crossed rifles with a Kings Crown for WW1.Completely voided no surround.Banner below.Brass £15

9...MMG. Motor Machine Gunners.This is the difficult one to find,it shows the 2 crossed machine guns but with the large letters "MMG" below the brass guns in white metal.One only on offer.Good original WW1.£20

10..LANCASHIRE VOLUNTEERS.This the 1st Battalion 47A.Intricate badge,genuine WW1 in Bronze. £16

11..LANCASHIRE VOLUNTEERS.The same as No.3. But this has the banner saying "The N.E. LANCS Volunteer Regt" Superb badge WW1 original £16.

12.SOLID SILVER 17th -21st LANCERS.Beautiful silver OFFicers badge WW1 period,of a good weight stamped "SILVER" on the reverse."Motto Death or Glory" £39

13.Superb solid silver 2nd Volunteers of the Somerset Light Infantry.Officers cap badge from WW1.Small but classy badge full of quality.SOMERSET banner.. £42.

14. Excellent 73rd of foot.This would be the original Black Watch /Royal Highlanders,the Perthshire badge with a Queen Victorias Crown.K&K.537.. £25

15. SUPER sized 53rd of foot.The Largest SHROPSHIRE GLENGARRY.Rare in this size - (see K&K book Fig 511 for the exact badge)... £35.

16.The Glengarry of the famous 108th of foot.The famous MADRAS INFANTRY.2nd Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.£19

17. The 4th battalion of the Buffs,the Kent Regt.Great for a collector,extra fine original. £Long rear lugs (as they should be) £17

18. Black/Bronze WW1 Artillery cannon shaped cap badge.Fixed wheel.Really nice quality badge £18.

19. Extra fine badge of the Queens Regt ,the 2nd Volunteer Battalion.Will please the fussiest collector,bought privately.£17

20.Field Officers cap badge (small galloping horse) of the West Yorkshire Regt WW1 in brass.Banner just says Yorkshire no West Yorkshire ..Good strong badge £14..

21.Solid brass Gordon Highlanders,issued for WW1 period and a nice strong badge. £16

22.Bronzed GLENGARRY of the 77th of foot.Showing the numerals "77" under the Prince of Wales Feathers.East Middlesex the Duke of Cambridges Own.Nice looking badge £20

23.Original Argylle and Sutherland cap badge in very good condition.WW1 period.Excellent intricate detail.£16

24.Stunning solid all Brass Manchester badge of the WW1 era,this is exceptionally nice £16

25. All brass WW1 17th - 21st Lancers.Very famous regt with skull and cross bones motto "Death or Glory". This is a very strong badge of good quality £15

26. GLOUCESTER. Extra nice Officers Bronze cap badge of WW1.£20

27. All brass BORDER REGT.Volunteers,Plain Maltese cross with central motif £18

28.SOLID SILVER South Wales Borderers badge.Officers type c1900..Not hallmarked but tested Solid Silver. £38,

29.WEST YORKSHIRE. Very strong WW1 all brass badge.Galloping horse over banner. £16

30.ALL brass WW1,Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry.Fine little badge £15

31...Bronzed Army ordnance "TONANTI" type of shape.Shiled of cannon in centre. KC. £16

32. BRONZE LEINSTER REGT. Officers badge. WW1.Full of quality. £18

33. ROYAL WEST KENT.Bronze Invicta badge small. £14

34. 5th LONDON regt. London Rifle Brigade in Silver Plate.Extra fine detail..£17

35..CAMERONS.All brass WW1.Extra Strong badge in superb condition. £15

36.BRONZE/South lancs. Prince of Wales own.WW1.Officers badge £16

37..BRONZED /copper WW1 Kings own Scottish Regt,very strong. £16

38.Officers gilded Dress Fusilier with white metal Prince of Wales Feathers (Welsh) 2 part fixed by long rear screw device.£38.

39. OFFICERS Victorian Royal Irish Rifles Helmet Plate in white metal showing full Battle Honours.Extra nice antique plate of heavy quality.2 rear lugs.QVC crown.see K&K book one.Book.exact badge FIG 280 Opposite page 134. £75.

40.LAST SHAKO Helmet plate of the 46th of foot.SOUTH DEVON. Strong badge showing a QVC on top.BRASS.£45

41.All brass WW1 general service badge in extra fine quality £14

42.LAST SHAKO Helmet plate with a Queen Victorias crown.The 66th of foot.Superb quality.BERKSHIRE REGT.£48

43.BEST Dress Officers Fusilier Gilded badge of the Royal Scots Fusliers.Furcap grenade.All in gilt including the device.Long rear fixing screw.Very strong.£38

1. UVF badge.Upright hand of Ulster in this oval badge,it says For God and Ulster.£16(Please note this is NOT the same badge as the 36th Ulster with Sharman D Niell, Belfast on the buy that badge you will need to access the normal Irish badge list)

2..RARE Welsh badge of the South Wales borderers,this is the Volunteers Glengarry.The centre shows the fiery Welsh dragon inside a laurel wreath,around the edge is >Honi soit qui mal y pense.£35

3..The 5th Dragoon Guards of Princess Charlotte's Own.Small bi metal badge with a Queen Victorias crown on top.Getting very scarce £19

4.Kings own Malta regt.Beautiful,old original badge.the maltese cross inside the wreath of Oak leaves.The Kings crown on top.£16

5..RARE**RARE** PADDINGTON RIFLES.This is the famous London regts badge but in Black not white metal.Officers badge of extra fine quality ,1in stock only £20

6..RIFLE BRIGADE..This is the rarer type in brass showing the Maltese Cross inside the wreath.The 4 arms of the cross have South Africa 1899 -1902.The tablet at the top under the crown is blank.Fine original badge £16

7.. Somerset Light Infantry.Fine badge all in brass.The banner over the crown and bugle is South Africa 1900-01.£14

8...Royal Military police.QE2 Crown.All in brass makes this extra fine in condition.£12

9.The 6th Dragoon Guards. The "V1" DG,crossed rifles through oval,small brass badge.Not easy to find now .Kings crown £19

10. Beautiful OR's Glengarry Badge of the ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS.Showing the Fiery Eagle with outstretched wings standing on the tablet with "8" on it.A stunning original badge in great condition,brass.£20

11.LOOK RARE GLENGARRY PATTERN JUST IN!! **The SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS** ,the 93rd of foot.This is the handsome well toned brass badge of the 93rd of foot,with the Cape of Good Hope Banner.This badge however has the EXTRA banner underneath of BALAKLAVA,this badge was worn on the feather bonnet in 1856-81,so a very old badge topped with the crown of Queen Victorias. see Fig 567 in Kipling and King Book one. £35

12.LOOK RARE!! *RENFREWSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS* Helmet plate.This is the all brass badge with the Prince of Wales Feathers unusually placed in the centre of the badge which is shaped as a Maltese Cross.Between the arms of the cross stands the Lion.The crown on top of the badge is Queen Victorias.£45

13.. RARE GLENGARRY.THE *60TH* OF FOOT,THE KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS. This badge,shaped as a Maltese cross,about 2.4inches high.There is a standing lion between each arm of the cross.The centre is a bugle with the number "60" above the bugle horn.On the 4 arms of the cross are the numerous battle honours that made this the Famous Regt we all know and respect.The top banner says PENINSULA and the bottom banner CELER ET AUDAX.The exact badge in Kipling and King Book one FIG 522.The badge is dated 1870's. £28.

14..LONDON BADGE.The all brass round type badge with a Kings crown of the famous Sharpshooters.The central round panel with a large "SS",the 3rd County of london Imperial yeomanry.Exact reference in John Gaylors Book on badges plate 34,miscellaneous yeomanry. £18

15.All brass version WW1 of the DEVONSHIRE REGT. £12

16..RARE GLENGARRY. The 80th of foot.The *STAFFORDSHIRE VOLUNTEERS*.see fig 549 in Kipling an King book one.Fine very strong brass badge with the number £80" below the famous Staffordshire knot.The crown of Queen Victoria. £23

17.. *RARITY* The handsome badge of the WARWICKSHIRE 2nd Volunteer battalion.Looks like a glengarry in shape.The standing Stag/Hart in thecentre of the badge with WARWICKSHIRE around the belt and the banner underneath saying > 2nd Volunteers battalion.Wonderful old British badge of a byegone era. £25

18..*LANARKSHIRE*.This is a larger unusual Version of the Lanarkshire 1st Battalion,so quite a rare badge.It is a fine mellow Victorian brass badge showing the coiled bugle with the Number 1 in the centre.The crown is Queen Victorias with a 2 lug fixing,East and West on the back. £23

19.Elaborate badge of small size of the *Rochdale Volunteer Training Corps*.WW1 period of Volunteer battalions.All in White metal showing the Lion Passant on a quartered shield within a partial wreath,Ducal coronet and the banner below with the letters R.V.T.C on it.£14

20..Another old nostaglic LONDON BADGE of the **15th County of London Battalion**,the Prince of Wales own Civil Service Rifles,worn from 1908.This badge in brass £14

21.NOTTINGHAM HUSSARS.Fine white metal badge of this well respected yeomanry regt.Showing the old oak leaf and the acorn as emblems of the Great Nottingham Forest.WW1 period £13

22..DORSET REGT. Not rare by any means but a much loved Regt.Bi metal ,good strong original badge. £13

23. The 66th of foot.BERKSHIRE REGIMENT.This is the *2nd battalion of the Princess Charlotte of Wales*,the Royal Berkshire Regt..Absolutely fine mellow brass GLENGARRY of the 66th of foot.The number sits in a laurel wreath with the banner of BERKSHIRE underneath and crown above.A good quality original Victorian badge.£23

24. Very fine, very old original Victorian Glengarry of the 105th of foot.This was the famous **Madras Light Infantry** who served the Great British Empire in India under the reign of Queen Victoria the Empress of India.They were the 2nd Battalion of the Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry.£25

25.Not rare but very nice.An honest shining old brass example of an original COLDSTREAM GUARDS badge,the rank below the Warrant Officers.See John Gaylors book plate 20,the Brigade of Guards. £14

26.Fine example of the First Kings Dragoon Guards.This shows the double headed Eagle without any banner in white metal.A small neat strong badge post 1937. £13

1.Superb FURSKIN Grenade Fusilier badge.This is a large badge of great quality.Imperial crown,City of London regt.Long rear lugs for fixing..FIG 947 in Kipling and King. £38

2.The Derbyshire Volunteer Regt of Home Guards.Kings crown.Superb brass badge,these Volunteer Regts have now become very collectable £15

3.The Royal Fusiliers(City of London)cap badge. Getting difficult to find now.Flaming grenade and a Kings crown. £14

4.Lovat's Scouts.A circular celtic strap which has a Stags head inside the circle.Motto *Je Suis Prest*This was a yeomanry Regt of the Great War.White metal badge.The Scouts became Gunners in 1949.. £14

5 The Leicestershire Yeomanry.This is the 1922 small neat badge showing the triple banners of Prince Alberts Own and South Africa. Leicesteshire banner hooped,right over the top £12

6.Super strong Nickle version of the Kings Dragoon Guards.Showing the Double Headed eagle with no lower banner,post 1937.Makers are Dowler of B'gham.£13

7..The Bedfordshire yeomanry.1914.Great war..Fine elegant badge,showing the Turreted Castle on the Crowned Eagles head.£14

8.The Hampshire yeomanry.The Carbinieres.A small badge showing the Rose in the centre over 2 crossed rifles.This badge has Queen Victorias crown on top.Lugs North and South £20

9. Rare badge of the Kings Liverpool regt.The 6th Rifle Battalion.A bugle horn under the rose of Lancaster,all in Brass.Small badge.£17

10.Beautiful brass badge of Queen Mary's Regiment,The SURREY YEOMANRY/Lancer regt.The Elegant Cypher of the Queen in the centre,lower banners with a kings crown on top.dated 1910-1922.£16

11. The IRISH regiment of the NORTHERN DUBLIN Volunteers.The banner over the top reads the Dublin regiment with NV beneath it.£15

12.The ESSEX regt,the 2nd Volunteers.This is an old Victorian glengarry badge of this famous regt..Showing the Sphinx atop the twin turrets with Queen Victorias crown on top.£18

13,The LOYAL SUFFOLK HUSSARS.Sought after badge showing the Twin turrets with 1793 beneath the open gate and under neath the banner saying Loyal Suffolk Hussars.Slight solder to the rear turret top,not noticeable from the front. £16

14.Manchester Regt with the Fleur dy Lis.Infantry for 1939.Excellent badge £12

15 The Royal BUCKS Hussars. the central circle surrounded by "Yeomen of Bucks/Strike Home" A small brass badge of the Great war 1914.Rarish. £17

16 TYNESIDE SCOTTISH.The Kitcheners Army of the Great War,This is the territorial version showing the Standard lion with one foot off the turret £16

17.TYNESIDE SCOTTISH.Kitcheners army of the Great War with the standard lion showing both feet on the turret.The thistles are larger in this pattern type.January 1915 Pattern £15

18.LOTHIAN and Berwickshire Imperial yeomanry.Sheath of standing corn with the "fancy" scrolled banner beneath..£13 Brass

19.The 9th LANCERS with a Queen Victorias crown all in brass.Elegant badge showing the crossed Lances through the "9" £20

20.The 1st Volunteer battalion of the SUFFOLK regt. The intricate design of this badge makes it one of the most collectable.There is a small plaque at the bottom with 1st VB.£16

21.The MIDDLESEX Volunteers. Unusual shaped badge,Angular crown with an elongated star around the arms of Middlesex.£16

22.The 17th -21st LANCERS.This is the Long teeth type of the Duke of Cambridges own.The 17th lancers are one of the most sought after badges of all.White metal showing the skull and crossbones,the Motto "Death or Glory" £15

23. HERTFORDSHIRE REGT forage cap badge in great condition dated 1908,showing the recumbant stag in the circle with Hertfordshire regt around,topped with a kings crown.£13

24.SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY.KC.Good honest badge,showing 3 Leopards heads in the circle with no shield.£12

25.SCOTTISH RESERVE REGT,Brigade of Guards, approved South African Wars era.Fig 1131 Kipling and King book.Badge Dated 1900.Single thistle in w/m £14

26..EARL OF CHESTER Imperial yeomanry.Prince of Wales feathers over wide banner.Gunmetal - Approved 1902 K&K.Fig 1313 £14

27. QUEENS OWN WORCESTER YEOMANRY/HUSSARS. Pear blossom in white metal surrounded by a laurel wreath. K&K Fig.1458 Excellent badge in bi metal. £14

28. THE LOTHIAN AND BORDER YEOMANRY HORSE.Single sheath of corn in brass.Strong original badge see K&K1467. £13

29. THE FIFE AND FORFAR "IMPERIAL" YEOMANRY.This is totally different to the usual Fife and Forfar yeomanry badges.This is in brass and shows the knight on horseback with the shield inside the oval belt.K.C £15

30. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES. This is an ancient rare badge showing the large angel and harp with motto above "QUIS SEPERABIT" and the ROYAL IRISH RIFLES on an elaborate scroll underneath.There is NO surrounding wreath of shamrocks or a garter belt.The crown is QUEEN VICTORIAS. Strong condition, a fine badge £69

31 STAFFORDSHIRE YEOMANRY. Just the plain Staffordshire knot with a KC and no writing on banner £12

32 LONDON IRISH. Unusual Warrant Officers badge.Large badge in brass.Very strong showing the irish harp with a KC dated 1937. £16

33.Same as 32 but this has our Queens crown. £14

34 THE 97TH OF FOOT. Super strong mid Victorian Glengarry.This is the Earl of Ulsters regt the 2nd batt of the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt.Good honest badge in heavy brass £23

35.RARE!!RARE!! MIDDLESEX REGT. Public Works Pioneer Dept. This was raised in the Great War as one of Kitcheners Volunteer Army regts.Wonderful old badge with elaborate scrolling £24

36. The BEDFORDSHIRE AND HERTFORDSHIRE badge,showing the stag in the centre on a Maltese cross superimposed on a star.There is the wide banner around the bottom half.Strong badge in white metal KC £14

37.KINGS REGT,Infantry regt of 1970.Amalgamation badge,very strong quality badge,showing the brass Fleur Dy lis and the rearing white horse on it. £12

38. ROYAL BERKS 1st VOLUNTEERS. Very fine old badge in STRONG brass, made by Gaunts.£16

39.ROYAL DRAGOONS.The oldest design of the 1st,showing a lion standing on the large crown of Q.Victoria over the banner.The Royal Dragoons. Excellent badge £16

40. THE CAMERONS. Ancient Glengarry of this famous Scottish Clan regt.Shows St Andrew with the cross inside a wreath of thistles but this one has no Camerons banner below,just the wreath. £20

41. HERTFORD YEOMANRY of the Great war 1914 period.Showing the single Stag on a mound of grass with no surround or banner.Nice condition £12

42.SEAFORTH 4/5th Volunteer regt. Showing the large begging cat inside the circle, the motto being SANS PEUR. without fear.£16

43..NORTHUMBERLAND HUSSARS.1914 YEOMANRY. Famous regt with a Kings crown and a lower banner with South Africa 1900-02.Choice of 2 at £16 each

44. SUSSEX YEOMANRY. 1914 badge of intricate design,very collectable.Kings crown - all in brass with lower banner £14

45. WEST YORKSHIRE. Cavalry badge.Superb old Gaunts makers badge showing the white galloping horse over the wide banner,saying West Yorkshire £15.

46. KINGS OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS. No need to introduce this famous regt..Wonderful quality badge,the lion astride the Kings crown.£18

47..RARE!! ANCIENT YORKSHIRE REGT BADGE pre 1908. See John gaylors book on badges page 195 plate 17B.3..Strong badge and quite scarce £22

48..ESSEX. The 3rd Volunteers.The banner saying S.Africa 1900-02.The Sphinx on the blank tablet over the castle(Volunteers were not allowed to wear the battle honours) £15

49. GLENGARRY 56th of foot. Fine brass badge,mid Victorian the West Essex Regt.Topped with the castle and the Gibralter key lying flat. £20

50. RARE!!, 1st HERTS VOL BATTALION,shoing the central Stag on the partial Maltese cross.Bedford banner.Old ,original badge £16

51.. NORFOLK YEOMANRY.The large Cypher of George the 6th,WW2 period. £13

52.RARE!! MIDDLESEX REGT. This is the Middlesex Bands regt Showing the Prince of Wales Feathers over the banner saying the Middlesex regt.Very nice quality Gaunts makers badge.Original £20

53.GORDON HIGHLANDERS. This is the ancient badge of the Gordons with the distinctive spelling of the motto BYDAND -- the motto is spelt with a gap between the BY - DAND.The difference in design is noticeable in the wider antlers of the Stags head and the wide ivy leaved wreath.vERY STRONG BADGE £20

54.DEVON VOLUNTEERS.The 4th Volunteers .A good quality white metal badge with a Kings crown showing the castle in the centre on the 7pointed star. £16

55.The 71st of foot.The ancient Glengarry of the 1st battalion the Highland L.Infantry.Fine strong badge,well toned brass.Mid Victorian £20

56. TERRITORIAL INFANTRY.The 6th Kings Regt.The Brass bugle suspended below the Lancastrian Rose.£13

57.43rd of foot. Glengarry of the Monmouthshire L.Infantry/1st Battalion of the Oxford and Bucks L.infantry.Strong all brass. £16

58. LANARKSHIRE GLENGARRY. The 99th of foot,The Duke of Edinburghs own regt.Intricate design on a well toned brass patina, make this a fine old badge to add to your collection £20

59. BERKSHIRE.The Glengarry of the 66th of foot..Another superb Mid Victorian Glengarry,Queen Victorias crown,truly excellent £18.

60. QUEENS OWN DORSET YEOMANRY.A fine white metal badge showing the Great war banner and South African Honours of this famous Regt. QE2 Crown post '53. Gaunts makers,A superior badge probably officers.£15.

61. HERTFORDSHIRE GLENGARRY. The 49th of foot.Princess Charlotte of Wales Own.Beautiful design -- Mid Victorian Glengarry with Queen Victorias crown on top.Showing the China Dragon over the word CHINA £20

62.The Beautiful Victorian badge of the 4th Aberdeenshire Rifles Volunteer Corps in silver plates.Showing the Tall standing Cockerell inside the elongated thistle wreath.At the bottom the one word "WATCH".This was affiliated to the Famous Gordon Highlanders.£20

63. The 2nd Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers,showing St Andrew behind the cross inside an oval wreath of Ivy leaves.The 2nd Aberdeenshire R.V. written around the inside.£16

64.Excellent ornate badge of the Manchester 1st Volunteers,showing the coat of arms with the 1st VB underneath and a further Manchester banner at the bottom.In gunmetal/white metal.Possibly belonging to an Officer £16

65. Excellent ornate badge of the Manchester Regt,the 6th Volunteers,this badge similar to the 1st Vols but it has the extra bottom banner of SOUTH AFRICA 1900 underneath £16

66. The 14th Hussars.Difficult badge to find these days.Good honest example Kings crown £15

67. The Royal Irish regt. Very neat original small badge of this famous regt.This one has the crown of Queen Victoria £20

68.The Royal Irish regt.Same as number 7 only this badge is post 1901 and has the Imperial crown on top £15

69.RARE!!RARE!!.THE LARGE ENGINEER MILITIA HELMET PLATE.This has the distinctive Queen Victorias crown,showing the Royal Coat of Arms,similar to the old officers Victorian Artillery badges.Very detailsed and showy badge about 3.5inches x 3.5inches in size so quite large.All brass. £38

70.Large sturdy pouch badge of the old Worcester regt.A fine ancient badge showing the Lion in the centre of this glorious star.Fascinating badge,very old and all original.4inches x 3.5inches.£24

71. Absolutely original badge of the Queens Regt.Showing the Paschal lamb with the small flag and underneath the banner saying "The Queens" ---.2 available in great condition £14 each

72.Very old Aberdeen Militia badge with Queen victorias Crown.Showing crossed rifles in a tangle of thistles and leaves with the banner underneath saying "AMANG OURSEL'ES UNITED" please note the spelling of the motto.Strange unusual badge very intricate £16

73.WW1 East Lancashire Regt in white metal with a brass rose.K/C.Lovely old badge of a much loved and respected Regt. £11

74.EAST LANCASHIRE.Ancient Victorian badge of this regt.All in old mellow brass.Pre 1900 ,Queen Victorias crown on top £20

75. EAST LANCASHIRE. This is the old 2nd Volunteer battalion of the regular East Lancs.Showing the central sphinx on a blank tablet over the banner 2nd Vols over the extra banner of South Africa Kings crown post 1901 £20

76EAST LANCASHIRE. The 2nd East Lancashire Regt showing the normal patterned badge but with the sphinx on a blank tablet £16

77.EAST LANCASHIRE. The 2nd East Lancs regt but with the blank tablet under the sphinx and the "extra" lower banner of South Africa 1900 £20

78. Officer version of the Lanarkshire rifle Vols glengarry.Showing a central bugle with LRV intertwined inside the bugle on a cross over a star with a Kings crown.Silver plated £16

79.The 24 lancers.This is the white metal cap badge in a round shape with a Kings croqwn and a XX1V in the centre and crossed lances.Not a large badge £15

80.The 25th Dragoons.This is a very neat badge with the crossed lances through the "XXV" and the 25th dragoons in the central banner £16

81. Rare! Rare! Rare! BORDER REGT.the Rifle Volunteers.Showing the central heart under a Queen Victorias crown,the motto saying "Dos or Die" note the spelling! This badge pre 1900 £23 Fine original badge

82. The BORDER REGT.The Rifle Vols.Same as above only this badge is post 1901,with a kings Imperial crown £20 Fine original badge

83..GHURKA military police.This is a post 1953 badge but it is unusually in white metal Strong badge £12

84.Heavy strong badge of the Aberdeen? Regt Volunteers.This has ST Andrew on the cross half de robed.The Ivy leaved wreath around the whole the central cross in gilded brass,held in place with 4 wires looped through the outer metal.Unusual,this may be a possible old restrike of some origin £16

85.The 92nd of foot.The Gorden highlanders.Showing the 92 inside an Ivy wreath.All in brass £16

86.The 67th of foot Glengarry. This is the Victorina pre 1900 badge for South Hampshire and a fine badge it is too.All in mellow brass £20

87.Old 24th foot Victorian Glengarry of the South Wales Borderers,the 2nd Warwick regt.This wa s the Regt that fought off the Zulus at Rorke's Drift in 1879. The badge has definitely some age,has been around quite a while.We make no claims on this badge except to say it looks honest £49.

88.RARE!! THE NATIONAL MOTOR VOLUNTEERS 1st WW VOLUNTEER RAISED REGT.Showing a torch bearer running inside a spoked wheel with the lower banner saying "PRO PATRIA". The Volunteer Forces. See Kipling and King Volume 1.FIG 1694 for the exact badge. £16

89.Rare medium to large sized Victorian badge of The "Edinburgh Queens Volunteer Rifle Brigade".This shows a badge of the gunmetal type.There is a 4 arm Maltese type backwards sloping cross,then on each arm a thistle decoration with the words >Queens Volunteer Rifle Brigade on each arm.In the centre there is the Castle of Edinburgh and around this in the belt is the word EDINBURGH.2 lugs on the back east and west. £20

90.WARWICKSHIRE.The 2nd VOLUNTEER BATTALION.This is a fine brass Glengarry style type Victorian badge,showing the Stag in the centre surrounded by the circle belt saying Warwickshire.Under this there is a banner with >2nd VOLUNTEER BATTALION.Queen Victorias Crown on top £20

91.LEEDS RIFLES 7th/8th battalion..Rare badge of the Prince of Wales own Leeds Rifles regt.The black Maltese cross with full battle honours,in the centre the bugle and Leeds Rifles around this, on one side it says 7-8th Battalion and the other side PWO. (Prince of Wales own)aLL IN BLACKENED BRASS £20 (Please note we also have the normal Leeds Rifles 8th PWO listed on the English badges >>cap badge page one)

92.1st LANARK RIFLE VOLUNTEER SHAKO .This is a larger badge than normal.It shows a number "1" inside a bugle with Queen Victorias crown on top,there is a smaller version of this listed on our Rare Scottish badge list.This larger badge £18

93.ROYAL ENGINEERS.CYPHER OF EDWARD THE 7TH (1901-11)This is a difficult badge to find,it shows the usual laurel wreath surrounding the cypher of the Monarch Edward the 7th The lugs on the back are placed unusually North and South.Fine original badge £18

94.THE JEWISH BATTALION of the ROYAL FUSILIERS.A fine brass badge showing the 7 candlesticks with the Hebrew writing on the banner underneath £15

95. RARE!!RARE!! 1st BUCKS RIFLE VOLUNTEERS CORPS.Very Fine old badge with the Imperial crown on top/bird in centre with out stretched wings. £20


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