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Professional Online Appraisal/Valuations from Glamorgan Antiques.

Have your valuables properly appraised for insurance, probate service etc.,

Give yourself peace of mind.


It is always better for your own piece of mind to obtain proper valuations for your valuables..Glamorgan Antiques will provide you with a 1st class service . It is always better to obtain proper documentation of your valuables and proper valuations by Bona Fide dealers, as, if ever the need arose that you would be required to produce certificates of valuations in the future, then you would be at least covered in this respect.

eg. For insurance purposes due to damage or loss.

All insurers require valuation papers that are headed by Bonafide Antique dealers of repute. Glamorgan Antiques UK, can provide you with these appraisals online for the appropriate fee (see below), you will NEED TO PRINT off the valuation we send you. Please follow these easy instructions.

1. Send details of the item(s) you need to be valued by E mail to this address

2. Please attach if possible a photograph no larger than 10kb ,also as much details as you can provide on the item(s). If no photo is available we will still endeavour to give you an accurate assessment.

3..We will then contact you to advise of the payment procedure,payable online with a Visa or suitable Credit card at our website using an Encrypted server for safety.

4. If the valuation/Appraisal is not deemed appropriate due to lack of information etc., we will advise you of any problems encountered in this respect. No payment will be necessary if we are unable to value your items.

5. Glamorgan Antiques are registered bona fide Antique Dealers in the United Kingdom, the opinions and valuations we give will be solely our opinions only - based on our years of knowledge in the Antiques trade.

We will not be liable for any misrepresentation of facts as this service is an online service only, and thus as such, we at Glamorgan Antiques have no way of inspecting the items by actual touch. The service is given on details and photos provided by you. We give you our word that we will endeavour to be accurate in our assessment at all times. We also give you our word that we will not disclose any facts about yourself or your valuables to any third party and everything and all details will be kept in the strictest confidence and will never be passed on.

1.Item under £50GBP cost of online valuation £10GBP
2.Items over £50GBP but under £200GBP cost of valuation £18GBP
3..Items over £200GBP but below £500GBP cost of valuation £20GBP
4 Items over £500GBP all valuations will be £25GBP -£30GBP.

© Glamorgan Antiques

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